Latest News

2021 brings more accolades!

I gained my Covid-delayed DPAGB in January (see above image)! Delighted with my scores, I can now cross that off my list... Also this March, I gained my BPE4* (200 image acceptances at national level in British Photographic Exhibitions)... This one has taken years of work, I had my first acceptance in July 2017!

I'm also so nearly there in my EFIAP/bronze, I am only 3 away from 200 international image acceptances with the Federation d'Arte Photographique!

I'm also preparing a panel of images with the prestigious Master Photographer Association to go for my AMPA. So 2021 has proven to be rather exciting to day the least!

Also in the final stages of planning are my Spring workshops with Pen Llyn Lusitano's, Atkinson Action Horses, Ham House Stables and Yeguada Inspirada in Milton Keynes, looks like I'm going to be rather busy!

2021 calendar 'Freedom' in partnership with Ben Atkinson

I'm delighted to release this breathtaking collection of images as my 2021 calendar, all images are captured in 2020 and show the incredible bond between Ben and his horses...

Some images are from our popular Photography Days where we create styled workshops for budding equine photographers.... Other images are from private training sessions and performances. 13 images printed on quality card stock, wire bound and opens to an impressive A3 size for wall hanging...


New 'thread' in my fine art portfolio

After the Christmas break I hand painted an old white wedding dress with a view to using it for some new work... Around that time I also began to become interested in the folklore and legends surrounding red threads, so many different interpretations for so many different cultures and religions....

I decided to create a collaboration of what these stories meant to other people and how I could fit the symbolism of the red threads into their life or their perceived destiny, all while wearing the amazing gown I created......

I plan to photograph 20 different people of all ages and gender, to illustrate their stories and combine my imagery into an art book by the end of 2020. I do love a good project!

New workshop partner, we are breaking out down South!

Plans are afoot for a new workshop in Richmond Park with Kat Pickering and friends, May 3rd..... I'm very excited about this as Kat is spectacular in front of the camera and I have been looking to bring my unique blend of horsemanship and costume to our photographer friends in the south for a long time!


Spring workshops with Ben Atkinson

My first workshops have been released on the 25th January and proved to be very popular, one date selling out in less that 2 hours!


( Dates March 14th and April 11th)

It's pretty difficult to get hold of Ben during the show season May to October, as he performs across the UK with his team, so luckily we managed to book him pre season for two epic photodays. The dates are released to my mailing list 24 hours before going on general release, so if you want to shoot with us, you do need to sign up so you have a shout!