Portfolios for models and actors


As an aspiring model, you need an amazing modeling portfolio to kickstart your career. It’s your chance to make a great first impression on agencies and clients.

It is important for you to put in the effort to get all aspects of your modeling portfolio right. It’s not only about shooting your portfolio, there’s a lot more planning that goes into creating a great portfolio.

What type of shots do you need?

While pursuing your passion to become a successful model, you also need to be realistic and aware of the stereotypes that are a part of the modeling industry. In most cases, your body type would define the kind of assignments you get, as most clients have a pre-conceived notion of what they feel fits their brief. For example, its harder for shorter or petite models to break into fashion modeling. While these stereotypes are constantly being broken, you certainly can break them on your way, it helps to be realistic and honest about your strong points. This would increase your chances of achieving success and reduce setbacks and rejections.

It doesn’t matter whether you get your photoshoot done by multiple photographers – in fact, it can save you money and time by choosing the one right photographer that can deliver on what your vision is. Making an informed decision about the type of modeling you want to pursue would bring clarity and focus on how you want to shape your modeling portfolio. For example, as a freelance model you would need a lot of variations in your shots (different looks from smart to casual), but as a high fashion model, you would need to focus on high fashion images (designer dresses, headpieces and accessories).

What to wear?

It’s important to know beforehand exactly the kind of images you want out of your model portfolio shoot. Lay down the specifics of photos that you need for a well-balanced portfolio, for the types of modeling you are best suited for. You need to get great portraits, close-ups, and full-body shots as well. Plan your wardrobe changes to show your versatility (swimsuits for great body-shots and an evening dress for those advertising clients).

Added polish

Although not a must, but it's recommended to get a professional hair and make-up artist for your portfolio shoot. A professional can add a lot of value to your portfolio images and make you look even better with the right styling of your hair and make-up. Remember, your model portfolio is your big step forward and its best to get it right the first time. I can recommend a number of make up artists that I work with, so you would be able to look through their portfolios and choose the style that fits the look you want.


Locations are decided beforehand; from outdoors with natural light to a studio with a selection of backdrops. Again, the look you want will be enhanced by the environment in which the shots are taken.

Choosing your shots

After your photo shoot, its time to get down to the process of choosing the right images for your portfolio. Balance your choices and focus on getting both versatility and quality. Don’t end up choosing multiple images in the same pose or wardrobe. Make sure you select head-shots with and without you smiling, full-length shots and 3/4 length shots. Your portfolio should have between 10-20 images – make sure you pick absolutely the best of the best images that cover all your facets. I am happy to advise you on my choices, but remember that finally, it’s your selection. All your portfolio shots should be high-quality, stunning and stand-out images that make a great first impression.

Do I choose print or digital?

A printed portfolio still comes in handy if you are meeting someone (remember that you would be meeting a LOT of people). This gives the other person a tangible, real thing to go through while you are there with them. Typically, a printed portfolio is 8” x 10” size. Make sure you have pristine, high-quality prints placed inside a high-quality portfolio book. Do not miss out on the small but important details. This may be an element you want to create yourself, it often gives you more ownership over your images, but it is also an area which I find very rewarding to present my images in a beautifully printed portfolio using my professional print lab.

Digital only? Chances are that most agencies and clients will end up seeing your portfolio online. This is where a portfolio website comes in. Make sure that you choose the right platform your portfolio website that lets you achieve the unique style that best represents your personality. Your modeling portfolio website needs to be not just stunning but functional as well.

What sort of website do I need?

Make sure that your model portfolio website covers all these important points:

  • Works well on mobile devices
  • Has a minimal, clean and modern design that focuses on showcasing your portfolio in the best way possible.
  • Loads fast and is clutter-free
  • Showcases your images in beautiful grids for a quick overview but also enables viewers to enlarge images to have a closer look.
  • Includes a stats page as agencies and clients would need that information.
  • Includes an “About Me” page and tell about yourself, who you are as a person, your achievements and story.
  • If you have videos and commercials, do include them on your website.
  • Have clear contact information, make it easy for people to reach you.
  • Connect with your social media account and start a blog as well – tell behind-the-scene stores, show off your character and who you are as a person

Your modeling portfolio website is going to represent you in front of agencies and clients and needs to make a great impression instantly.

Why choose me?

I'm a very versatile photographer with many years experience and have a network of studio contacts, make up artists and superb outdoor locations, not to mention my photoshoot wardrobe of over 70 gowns to create a myriad of different looks. I am in my element styling and giving you the confidence to be the best version of you in front of the camera! My portraiture and commercial work have won numerous awards amongst industry professionals and have been recognised internationally.

What are the costs?

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements, each portfolio is a unique collection and may need more than one session to capture the looks you request.