Camera Club talks

I'm a seasoned lecturer, and after working in adult education for nearly 30 years, I'm a clear and patient speaker (with a sense of humour!). All of these presentations are created to comfortably fit a 2 hour club meeting, with time factored in for coffee break, questions and discussion. I love live editing, this always gets the attention of every member! As part of the working with textures presentation I request prior to the day a selection of images donated from club members , so not only is the edit live, it's also with previously unseen images!


Presenting to clubs using Zoom

I have a Pro Zoom account which allows me to control every element of a Zoom presentation to a club, without them needing a subscription, I am also comfortable using Webex, Facebook Live and also broadcasting live on YouTube. We face a very uncertain future, especially if you fall into any of the 'at risk' groups and we still have no timescale for when things may get back to normal. I feel it is imperative that we do our best to keep camera club groups going, for many, their hobby is a big passion in their lives and the social circle built around it so important to maintain.

My diary is becoming very busy and I am now taking bookings for Spring 2025 onwards. Please contact me directly to check availability.


TECHNICALS: My presentations are powerpoint based and can be run from my own laptop. I will require a screen and projector with cable connection of working FACE-2-FACE.

PRICING: From £90 (FACE TO FACE DELIVERY) plus travel expenses from S75 5DY for each presentation. Areas covered: Yorkshire, Midlands, Cheshire and Lancashire.

ZOOM PRICING: from £70 (2024 onwards) happy to negotiate for clubs budget during lockdown as busy creative minds will help us all through periods of confinement.

From Paintbrush to Pixels

My creative pathway from my roots as an equine portrait artist through to a successful fine art photographer.

Initially my photography was to fuel the need for good clear reference images for working at my easel. This dynamic began to change as clients requested prints as often as paintings, so accordingly, my respect for the camera grew. I joined a Camera Club and my journey took me through LRPS, CPAGB, LMPA, AFIAP and is now resting just above a BPE3*.

My artwork is now more digital based and hangs in galleries across the UK and Europe, join me on this insightful journey from paintbrush to pixel.

LEVEL: for all members

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.

Working with Textures

Answering all the what and how questions, I go through sourcing and creating textures , how to use blend modes and then 3 different methods of how to apply textures to an image.

After a short mid way break, I invite the club to submit random images for a live edit where I will take between 3-5 images and apply textures from my own stock to create final pieces., narrating every click on route. I believe that seeing the process happen 'for real' is very valuable for viewers.

A talk that always goes down well as a hands-on 'how-to', I travel slowly and clearly through the technical aspects, happily repeating steps if requested.

LEVEL: Photoshop beginner to intermediate

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.

New club presentations for Autumn 2020 onwards

Inspired By Art

I'm often told I have a unique style to my work.... I edit in a very intuitive way without trying to maintain a house style or use a preset, but my background as an equine and portrait artist combined with my knowledge of art history has given me a specialist base from which to create giving my work a united and cohesive feel.

I decided to examine my artistic influences and document how, why and where they have had an effect on the images I create.

A fascinating and in depth commentary on how art has influenced my work. Contains a live edit to create a great master of your own!

LEVEL: for all members

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.

Equine Photography

Where do you start in this exciting and accessible genre?

I take you through four different types of equestrian photographer; from events, local pony club, models with horses to the all action specialist photographer.

Full of valuable insights, tips and tricks to capture the very best images for your portfolio, how to keep yourself and your client safe, the right moment to capture a showjumper through to how to get those pesky ears forward at the right time!

Fully illustrated with a multitude of award winning images by this experienced, multi award winning equine photographer.

LEVEL: for all members

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.


Advancing Textures

Created as a 'Part Two' to my incredibly popular 'Working with Textures' this presentation uses textures to tackle a number of familiar problems in images such as distracting backgrounds, subject separation, colour toning, the second half has a live demonstration plus how to combine texture layers into creating an ultimate texture and making your own unique brushes in Photoshop to use to refine masks and add details. A must for those that loved Working with Textures!

LEVEL: Members with basic or intermediate understanding of Photoshop

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.

Creative Inspiration

So many people say that they wish they had ideas, stories to illustrate and were creative. This presentation guides you to examine your own experiences and preferences to draw on in creating unique images..... The second half demonstrates a number of editing techniques such as textures, overlays, colour grading and composites, opening that door to creative expression and image creation. I work on the same image in 3 different ways to show how to create emotion and narrative within your work.

LEVEL: for all members

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.


Bringing The Old Masters To Life

An interactive face-2-face presentation, goes down so well with club members!

I begin with a presentation examining the work of the old masters, the use of light, colour and costume as well as model selection, posing and symbolism. We then move onto the live shoot.

I create a couple of single light small environmental set ups in the club room, complete with props. I invite audience members to don one of the provided costumes and I coach them aloud as to posing and creating narrative within the image. Using powerful constant video lighting, the club can shoot with me.

The second half is a live edit with the material shot, using textures, colour grading and curves layers, I recreate the ambience and sombre tones of the great masters' portraits.

Bring your camera!

LEVEL: for all members

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.

Underwater Art

An introduction to working underwater using a studio water tank (Tankspace).

From my first steps of remote shooting during lockdown to my 2022 Fellowship panel, I talk you through the steps to creating beautiful and ethereal art.

This presentation concludes with several live edits showing the techniques I use to take the RAW file from straight out of the tank through to competition standard involving basic and advanced Lightroom and Photoshop techniques.

I also examine how to create more narrative within your work linking series or panels of images.

Full of tips and tricks to make your visit to the tank successful.

LEVEL: for all members

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.


Altered Reality

Do you know your Baba Yaga from your Kelpie? A fascinating look into fairytales, folklore, myths and legends, fully illustrated and jam packed with references from art, literature, film, TV. This presentation is bound to prove inspirational for those who want to create otherworldly images but lack that initial idea! Fun, quirky and downright strange,

LEVEL: for all members

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.

Enjoy a composite edit from start to finish

Slowly and clearly narrated edit, bringing together a number of different image sources into one composition. Chance to ask questions throughout.

Can be structured for beginner or intermediate learners using Photoshop CC.

Styles to include portrait, equine, fantasy or free-for-all.

LEVEL: for beginner to intermediate level post processing.

DURATION: 90 mins approx excluding coffee break.


The Magic Of Brushes

It becomes even more important to be aware of changing competition rules, the majority of Photoshop brushes that are available to purchase are made from another photographer's images, from that flock of birds in the sky to fog and mist. In this presentation I create a wide variety of brushes from my own images in a simple step by step process. The second half of the session I use the brushes I've made to edit an image from start to finish. Every step is clearly narrated at a steady pace, enabling those new to editing to keep up in real time.

All techniques are easily transferable to both Elements and Affinity software. This presentation is a must for competition photographers wanting to adhere to PAGB rules!


The third and final presentation covering the technique of using textures in post processing.

This is really a hands on live edit from start to finish, using a wide variety of images and applying the textures in a selection of ways to create a myriad of different effects from subject separation, colour toning, atmosphere, studio backdrops and fine art painterly effects. A true masterclass of this simple yet effective technique!

"That was brilliant yesterday evening. Thank you so very, very much. I've had so many enthusiastic, positive and excited comments from members. Congratulations on a brilliant Zoom presentation - so many tips, hints, and super demonstrations - which coupled with your skills and talents makes for an excellent presentation..

I had high expectations and your presentation well exceeded these. Your style of presentation is warm and generous and it really works."

—H Bailey

"A big thank you for last nights presentation, it was one of the best nights I have had at PCC for a long time.
I have used blending modes and some textures before, but I learnt so much that it has taken me a big step up the ladder"

—B Roberts

"Jane gave a live demonstration using photoshop and the textures that she had made of improving images. This section was clearly enjoyed by members and she didn’t hold anything back. We have had lecturers previously who are definitely not willing to share their secrets, but not Jane! Even when something did not go well, she just started the process again, to end up with stunning results."

—Sue Gibson LRPS CPAGB President Huddersfield Photo Imaging Club