Helping you develop your fine art equine photography and editing skills

The Equine Beauty Masterclasses

(how it all started)

During UK Covid lockdown 1, I launched a series of live Zoom tutorials covering a variety of editing skills... These proved to be very popular and had such great feedback, that I hatched an idea to develop my online teaching further.... Zoom seemed the ideal vehicle to provide both live editing and live feedback, my classes went international to great acclaim!


(the dream)

Throughout Summer and Autumn 2020, I busily worked behind the scenes recording and building a tutorial library of helpful editing tips and techniques, from fantasy edits through to exceptional portraits, covering both in camera techniques, Photoshop and Lightroom skills and portfolio development and critique.

Where I lacked in IT skills, a good friend, Ceridwen Images, provided the back-up, and our launch was Black Friday, November 2020.

The 5 Day Challenge

(the Christmas challenge)

Facing our third lockdown, Christmas was looking bleak and lonely, so we devised an intensive 5 day Photoshop program, for free, to keep creative minds active over the festive period and to spread a little love into the equine photography community; many of us had no work or an ability to keep our business going, so a chance to upskill and build a community of support seemed the right thing to do.....

The take up was astounding! We created a social media tidal wave of fine art images, so many photographers found the tutorials filled in the missing links in Photoshop and really allowed them to add a new facet to their portfolio, not only upskilling them for 2021, but also filling them with enthusiasm and some creative fire!

To see what we got up to, check the tag #equineportraitchallenge you will be amazed!

Why not join me?

(let me help you kick Photoshop into touch)

We offer a low cost monthly membership of $40 (£35) or a chance to save with a yearly subscription of $400 - you can cancel at any time, you are never 'locked-in'. I offer a monthly Q and A, live edit and critique session, plus a growing treasure trove of tutorials! There's something for everyone!

The below image was created during a 60 min Zoom with a live audience so you could ask questions and follow in real time.... All files are then provided (including overlays) so you can take home and try!

"Thank you Janey and Ceri for your enthusiasm, time and humour. Am hooked now....looking forward to whole different outlook on my editing!"