Award winning Yorkshire photographer with an unique artistic twist

EJ Lazenby



Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, I have been a keen photographer since my teenage years, my early goals as a photographer were to create clean, sharp images to use as references for my career as a Fine Artist...... How far I have moved away from this starting point!

Over the last 10 years I have increasingly become more concerned with the images I take being seen as 'art' in their own right; the capture of light, the narrative, the staging, makeup and styling, compositions and now, editing effects and Photoshop image manipulation creating final pieces that have a more magical quality. In this way I feel I am combining my skill as a traditional painter with my passion of photography and using Photoshop to blend the two together creating an original vision.......

My horse obsession often comes to the fore; a horse owner since my childhood has led to competing, judging, breeding and breaking-in horses as well as a stint as a lead-rein mum!

I love to take an idea from conception, put my twist on the styling and editing and then present my unique vision as wall art, album collections or simply memories to treasure...

"She is a rare gem in a world too full of 'normal' - her work sparks that creative fire inside of me when my fuel tank is on empty"

—Jess Morin Auciello, USA

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