Award winning Yorkshire photographer with an unique artistic twist

EJ Lazenby


Equine Beauty Editing Masterclasses

I'm having such a great time teaching equine photographers Photoshop skills and techniques specific to creating equine fine art... You can find out more about these specialist classes on my sister site, see the below button

Managing Covid 19 - Looking To The Future

The world has changed, and we must all change and adapt accordingly!

I have undertaken a series of training sessions to ensure best practice and infection safety for people visiting my business, booking my services or attending my workshops.

I am opening my doors in June 1st for PRIVATE OUTDOOR shoots and COMMERCIAL shoots only. I will monitor and follow government guidelines closely as to when it is safe to resume my workshops and mentoring, as your safety is my priority. Thank you for your understanding.

Covid-19 virus business adjustments

I have locked down all of my workshops , photoshoots and bookings as of Monday March 16th, due to my chronic asthma and caring for my 81 year old mother, I am now on self imposed isolation. Please limit your own movements and keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Any workshop bookings will be contacted 2 weeks prior to the original date and offered either a FULL refund, or to be invited a priority transfer to the workshop of their choice once restrictions are lifted.

I will be using my time productively by catching up on editing, creating some new photoshoot halters, producing both Photoshop and Lightroom videos as a free gesture to help keep us all productive and occupied.

My income is now £0, so to attempt to enable me to pay my utility bills. I am offering the sale of an exclusive collection of prints at below market price. This in turn will allow my lovely printer a trickle of income to help him pay his bills also. The self employed have been hit very badly by the crash in business, and if we hope to be able to rebuild afterwards, we need to think about survival and positive mindsets now.


Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, I have been a keen photographer since my teenage years, my early goals as a photographer were to create clean, sharp images to use as references for my career as a Fine Artist...... How far I have moved away from this starting point!

Over the last 10 years the images I take are being seen as 'art' in their own right; the capture of light, the narrative, the staging, makeup and styling, compositions and now, editing effects and Photoshop image manipulation creating final pieces that have a more magical quality. In this way I feel I am combining my skill as a traditional painter with my passion of photography and using Photoshop to blend the two together creating an original vision.......

My horse obsession often comes to the fore; a horse owner since my childhood has led to competing, judging, breeding and breaking-in horses as well as a stint as a lead-rein mum! Then equine painter and equine photographer, I also make my own halters and create ornate leatherwork.

I love to take an idea from conception, put my twist on the styling and editing and then present my unique vision as wall art, album collections or simply memories to treasure...

"She is a rare gem in a world too full of 'normal' - her work sparks that creative fire inside of me when my fuel tank is on empty"

—Jess Morin Auciello, USA