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EJ Lazenby



Competition successes!

I do love to push myself and I also have a wee competitive streak, I've had a few images out and about this Spring and I've been fortunate enough to have racked up a whole string of awards. I like to know I am delivering the BEST images I can, and part of the competitive process is to ensure that I am creating work that is capable of winning the highest of accolades at a professional level.


Delighted to be awarded this amazing accolade by the Master Photographer Association for the Northern region. I had finalist images in the portrait, equine and pet categories and was so proud of this image that was shot on one of my equine workshops and edited as a step by step tutorial foe

Gold for a golden horse!


​​From endless materials and objects around us, glass water, rivers or drifting tides reflections have long been a wonderful part of many magnificent images in photography. What really seems to set them apart always seems to be a step away from the traditional rules as though them seem to take on a personal introspective perspective while being framed up.

The Motif Collective Photography Gallery


Delighted to be awarded a second place for this series of Camargue colts playfighting,

I named it 'Tussle'

All in all a really successful showing of my work. Let's hope the rest of 2022 goes as well!

A Highly Commended award was received for my entry in the fine art category

I also gained a second Highly Commended award for my entry in the nudes and figures category.

All in all a really successful showing of my work. Let's hope the rest of 2022 goes as well!

Another exciting editing challenge!

Come and learn the skills to create beautiful , authentic looking Old Master portraits.... Step by step I work through the techniques needed to transform an everyday portrait into an Old Master...

Fundraising for the Ukraine

After watching day upon day of harrowing news on the TV, I decided to put an idea into action. I had seen an initiative on social media by Jim Mortram (@smalltowninertia) that involved asking for donations in return for a print, so I duly flooded my Instagram with images and after a week we had £385 donations sent directly through to those in need.

A massive thank you to all of those Insta followers that helped me put this into action! #directphotoaction #photoprintday

New show with Obsidian Art

Showcasing my latest equine and underwater work I am delighted to announce my upcoming show at the popular Buckinghamshire gallery Obsidian Art....

As part of a two man show with Pre Raphaelite artist Ed Org, I will have 27 new works on display. Preview evening is the 11th Feburary.

You can find the gallery here: Layby Farm, Old Risborough Road, Stoke Mandeville, Bucks. HP22 5XJ

To view recent event albums or to book your own shoot, Please click on the below images

New Courses for Autumn 2021

We are getting some fabulous feedback for both courses!

Photoshop Fundamentals

Walking through the main tools in photoshop to complete basic image corrections, from cropping, content aware and rotation to textures, colour grading and overlays. A clear steady pace will allow you that necessary thinking time to get to grips with what Photoshop can offer!

Creative Inspiration

How to you 'invent' ideas? Where do stories come from? How do you draw on your own unique interests and stories to create original imagery? All of this is explained in this inspiring and fun course that will soon have you tapping into your backstory and using real experiences to elevate your own work!

The Photography Show 2021

I was delighted to be invited again to talk at this prestigious event, in fact I had 4 speaker slots! Photoshop Fundamentals, 6 different ways to edit an image and my personal favourite, Finding Your Own Story, it was an action packed weekend! It was lovely to catch up with several photographers from my membership site, as well as a number of models I had worked with over the years... I was glad that I was free from the stress of taking a horse live on stage this year, he was safely tucked up in his stable all weekend.

Autumn 2020 news!


One of my dreams has always been to design a site where I can share my skills and help other photographers to reach their dreams....

I qualified to teach back in 2000, and find it so rewarding. After many years of teaching aspects of art, I began to teach photography; both shooting in the field and post processing techniques, this then lead to equine photo workshops.

For me there's nothing better than face to face tuition, but during the pandemic I turned to teaching and mentoring on Zoom, and a new idea was born!

With the help of a good friend, became a reality, a fully interactive site and Facebook community, an extensive library of video tutorials, sample files, overlays and textures. With my thorough and methodical teaching style, so many photographers are discovering the secrets of Photoshop!

If you would like to find out more, please click on the button below...


Based in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, I have been a keen photographer since my teenage years, my early goals as a photographer were to create clean, sharp images to use as references for my career as a Fine Artist...... How far I have moved away from this starting point!

Over the last 10 years the images I take are being seen as 'art' in their own right; the capture of light, the narrative, the staging, makeup and styling, compositions and now, editing effects and Photoshop image manipulation creating final pieces that have a more magical quality. In this way I feel I am combining my skill as a traditional painter with my passion of photography and using Photoshop to blend the two together creating an original vision.......

My horse obsession often comes to the fore; a horse owner since my childhood has led to competing, judging, breeding and breaking-in horses as well as a stint as a lead-rein mum! Then equine painter and equine photographer, I also make my own halters and create ornate faux armour..

I love to take an idea from conception, put my twist on the styling and editing and then present my unique vision as wall art, album collections or simply memories to treasure...


The International Master Photographer Awards 2020

After gaining merits in both the 2018 and 2019 Awards, I was delighted to smash my personal best with 8 images awarded a merit (gaining 80% or above from the judges)

What became more exciting was that I gained 6 finalist images in 4 different categories!


As you can imagine, when the winners were announced there was even more excitement as I won a category!


I won with my images of the amazing stunt riders from Atkinson Action Horses, one of my workshop partners!

See my finalist images below!

With all the Covid cancellations and disappointments that 2020 has had,

I'm so very grateful to bring you all some good news!

Equine Beauty Editing Masterclasses at

I'm having such a great time teaching equine photographers Photoshop skills and techniques specific to creating equine fine art... You can find out more about these specialist classes on my sister site, see the below button

Managing Covid 19 - Looking To The Future

The world has changed, and we must all change and adapt accordingly!

I have undertaken a series of training sessions to ensure best practice and infection safety for people visiting my business, booking my services or attending my workshops.

I am opening my doors in June 1st for PRIVATE OUTDOOR shoots and COMMERCIAL shoots only. I will monitor and follow government guidelines closely as to when it is safe to resume my workshops and mentoring, as your safety is my priority. Thank you for your understanding.

Covid-19 virus business adjustments

I have locked down all of my workshops , photoshoots and bookings as of Monday March 16th, due to my chronic asthma and caring for my 81 year old mother, I am now on self imposed isolation. Please limit your own movements and keep yourself and your loved ones safe!

Any workshop bookings will be contacted 2 weeks prior to the original date and offered either a FULL refund, or to be invited a priority transfer to the workshop of their choice once restrictions are lifted.

I will be using my time productively by catching up on editing, creating some new photoshoot halters, producing both Photoshop and Lightroom videos as a free gesture to help keep us all productive and occupied.

"She is a rare gem in a world too full of 'normal' - her work sparks that creative fire inside of me when my fuel tank is on empty"

—Jess Morin Auciello, USA