Fine Art

Definition of fine art

1a: art (such as painting, sculpture, or music) concerned primarily with the creation of beautiful objects —usually used in plural

b: objects of fine art

2: an activity requiring a fine skill

Fine art involves creative expression, and it doesn't have to be beautiful. It conveys an idea or an emotion or a celebration of form. Fine art and the horse to me walk hand in hand; it's the celebration of strength and beauty, the golden depths of their eyes, the character and personality, those curved necks and velvet noses......

So, how does fine art happen? Do I know what I am going to create when I start? The answer to that is no! I always feel that working on an image is a two way conversation, it takes time to think and time to listen, I get ideas part way through creating a piece and my direction can change as a result, sometimes I backtrack and try different colours, textures or crops... The piece evolves until I get to a point and it becomes complete. I can only imagine to someone observing that I go into 'the zone' with no clear set of steps, twiddle on my computer for an unspecified timescale before emerging with a big smile.

I can't stress enough how much I ADORE creating art from my heart. I love photography lots, but let's be honest, fine art pieces are so beautifully unique and special, a true combination of my 25 years as a professional painter combined with my skills as an award winning photographer, I would place them as my ultimate art form.

The ultimate piece of wall art

From conception, a fine art image is an outstanding and unique piece of work. No two pieces are ever the same. Every image is treated individually and even the intended hanging space, ambient lighting and colour scheme are all considered to create a piece that really belongs.

For this reason I do not sell fine art pieces as digital downloads, they deserve only the best quality printing and also the attention to detail that hand finishing gives, this allows me to create a truly bespoke luxury artwork.