I should start with the question 'What do YOU want to learn?'

This is all about you, your strengths and weaknesses. We all have an area in which we lack confidence, believe me, none of us are perfect! What we can do though is to work on the weak areas in our knowledge or practice, and to turn our confidence around.

I am running a number of mentor days this year, for individuals or small groups, addressing such activities as model posing, introducing studio lights to horses, working with coloured gels, capturing fast action and building your client portfolio. Due to these days being organised purely in response to demand, I need to know where I can support your photography. Skype can provide a means to connect us if distance or continents is an issue. Please take this opportunity to hit the mentor me button below, and let's start the process!

"thank you for a very enjoyable afternoon, your patience, some great advice and help given in a very supportive manner and for creating and directing beautiful images in great surroundings with the help of our models, not forgetting our 4 legged friends .

I feel so much better and can't wait to do another one to one with you. Thanks again."

—J McB

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