Editing tuition

Which is your nemesis? Photoshop or Lightroom? Or maybe Corel Painter has always eluded you?

I can support you through 1-2-1 sessions either in person at my studio, via skype or zoom, or even come to you (for local requests). What most people want to know is basic Photoshop (removal of items or changing of skies, backgrounds etc). What you want to learn (and for that fact, what you already know) is on an individual level. If you would like tuition, I need to know what you DO know, almost as much as what you don't, so I can create a logical learning pathway that takes into consideration your existing skills to utilise our time more effectively.

I am a very patient tutor, I ask that you have a dedicated notebook and that you write your own notes throughout! I'm certainly not one of those people who edit in front of you and expect you to follow every blow! I use a PC and Photoshop CC which gives me access to both the latest versions of Photoshop and Lightroom. I also run Corel Painter 2019, Topaz Labs and Nik Collection, so a good selection of software I can support you to create with.

I have a Youtube channel which I am steadily growing (see link below) .

Feel free to contact me to chat over any ideas you have and to check my availability for individual or group/club tuition.

Summer 2020 Masterclasses

Masterclass 1

Load up Photoshop brushes
Make your own textures
Apply textures using layers & masks
Change texture colours and tones
Dodge and burn with layers & masks
Create vignette to professionally present work

£45 per group session

Masterclass 2

Remove headcollars
Beauty edit for blemishes and scars
add whiskers and stray hairs for realism
Replace background colours
Add background blur
Create and add light flares

£45 per group session

Masterclass 3

Extending the frame
Removing bridles
Reshaping bit rings
Replacing backgrounds
Adding mane and tail with brushes
Creating smoke and dust effects

£45 per group session

FREE editing videos

In an attempt to keep myself busy, I'm creating a variety of content. Please see the below videos in Photoshop and Lightroom addressing some of the techniques I use within my editing workflow. I hope they can support other photographers that are in isolation, as well as providing general insight into the creative process.

I hope they prove useful! Take care of yourselves and your loved ones xxx

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