Equine photography

Celebrate your love for our four-legged friends! Equine family members are all dear to our hearts and they are what makes our families special!

I know only too well that we outlive our animals, the images we create within their lifetimes sustain us with precious memories throughout the rest of our own. I can offer a variety of styles from traditional portraits, black backgrounds, celebrations of friendship, formal portraits through to candid moments and full on action.

You may want to concentrate on just one style of image, or maybe choose several to capture within your session. I use natural light for the majority of my equine shots as it takes time to desensitise a horse to the camera gear for studio based images using a strobe light (flash).

I also offer another service which is not illustrated below, it's way too personal and special to be able to merely illustrate with an image and write three lines..... It's an 'end of days' photoshoot. When that moment comes, that dreadful moment, and time is short and everyone has tears in their eyes, call me. Every moment is so very precious, don't let them go without some pictures you can clutch to your heart.......

Equine portraits

Natural portrait

Natural light capture of your horse in their standard surroundings

in your own environment

Black Background

The clean minimal feel of a black background. Very much in fashion and really focuses the eye on those beautiful details

simple and elegant

Traditional style

With a neutral toned and textured background this gives a traditional painterly feel to the portrait.

timeless and classical



Both of you looking your best posed to perfection

both at your best

Full on action

Capture your best moments of speed, tricks, jumps or just gallop like your life depends on it!
(protective headgear is recommended)

power and beauty

Candid and friendship

There's nothing more beautiful than seeing your relationship with them and their characters

those special momments

Opulent and luxurious

Go glam girl!

Hair, nails, gown and a smile, even some beautiful handmade halters or baroque bridle wear for them.
Make up artist on standby and a rail of ballgowns ready...

frocks and flowers

Fine art

Allow me to create something unique that captures their essence and beauty. I'm able to match colour schemes and create portrait combinations.

gallery standard art

The decorated horse

Baroque bridles or handmade jewelled halters, give them a little sparkle and bling with pure silk or patterned brocade.

bejewelled and draped


I can't decide what I want! Help!

A.Don't worry, choose 2 styles and I will capture images with a variety of different looks.

I want to wear a dress but I haven't one that will look good with my horse!

A.Don't worry, let me know your size and I will bring a selection from my shoot wardrobe, I have over 70 gowns.

Do I need to wash my horse?

A.They need to be clean, so depending on colour, the darker coats may not need washing. A stained light coat will spoil your end images.

What do I wear for my photos? I don't want to dress up fancy, it's really not me...

A.Try and wear a plain top and trousers, no big logo or fancy patterns as they date very quickly.

Will you provide the fancy tack for the shoot?

A.I've a whole collection in sizes from pony to full in a variety of colours and designs. We will simply try in a selection pre-shoot to see what suits best.

What happens if it is raining?

A.We may still be able to go ahead if you have some bright and airy our buildings, barns or indoor arena, otherwise we will need to reschedule. I always ring my clients the day before after checking predicted weather conditions. If we postpone due to weather, your deposit is still secure.

"Love is a four-legged word...."

—Kandy Shepherd

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