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One of the things that set's my heart on fire is my workshops! Not only do I bring together some of the UK's most talented horse riders and trainers, I also bring some world class Andalusian, Lusitano and Thoroughbred horses to perform exclusively for our cameras! (not forgetting our native breeds, cobs that can and even trick trained Shetland ponies)

On top of that, we get our photographers really close to the action in small groups of up to 12 people, so there is plenty of space to get that shot. This exclusive content also features help and support with posing, advice on settings for every set, every workshop being individually styled from my extensive costume collection also. What's more we have fun, we laugh together and make new friends!

These big set ups really have the WOW factor, and participants have found them impressive additions to their portfolios, Many participants report back that they have numerous gold medal awards as a result of our workshops! I've seen them in The Masters of Print, The Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, DPAGB and ARPS panels as well as sweeping the top marks in camera club comps across the UK, which delights me, as I strive to bring you totally unique and breathtaking action and authentic costume every time.

We sell out very quickly once dates are released, as you can imagine. A full day workshop ( 6 hours shoot time ) is priced from £110-£150 and includes both ridden and in hand sections with our riders happy for close up portraits showing the bond between them and their charges.

To give you a taster of the action you will shoot on a workshop, you can view a brief selection of images at the bottom of this page. We never repeat anything with the same horse/rider/costume. It's real horsemanship with some really stunning horses. Oh, and I style it up BIGSTYLE!

Booking is via my mailing list, where all of my dates are released prior to going public.

Pen Llyn Lusitano Stud, Wales

Specialists in classical dressage this workshop partner offers stunning Iberian stallions and an equally stunning location on the Llyn Peninsula in North West Wales.

Scenery includes beaches, cliffs and of course, the beautiful Welsh mountains.

Atkinson Action Horses, EasT Yorks

Specialists in adrenaline fuelled shows and displays across the UK, their repertoire includes Cossack stunt riding, liberty displays, side saddle, carriage horses, fire breathing, reenactment, jousting and period film work. Never a dull moment when we partner with the fabulous Ben Atkinson and his team!

Nancy Walker Equestrian, West Yorks

A slower paced workshop set in the most beautiful estate house grounds giving us rolling views and tree lined lanes. Good horsemanship and dressage is the remit with this partner, portfolio building of competition work and a great variety of horse types.

SPANISH MUSTANGS, East AyRshire, Scotland.

As part of the Spanish Mustang Conservation Project, we have chance to photograph these beautiful horses both at liberty and intimate portrait. A horses only workshop, pure and simple.

"Love attending these workshops!! Shared advice and ideas amongst everyone, so it’s a super friendly and relaxed vibe! You’ll get lots of support and guidance from Jane which is amazing. Both the horses and models are fab to capture! Plus Jane’s impressive wardrobe and never ending creative styling is stunning. Basically it’s a must to sign up and go along to!"

—Izzy H

Workshops - 2019

We had a great start to our Spring 2019 Workshop Tour with an epic day at Atkinson Action Horses with Ben Atkinson, Kat Pickering and Luc Marschal... 

We then had 7 lovely models who worked with Tulio from Cloud 9 White Horses in some fantasy styled gowns for some showstopping portfolio images!

Then we popped over to Wales and the Pen Llyn Lusitano Stud for a Photography Day double of stallions on the beach followed by stallions up the mountains! (sounds like a Carry On Film!)

I gained a new workshop partner after 4 days of 1-2-1 mentoring with photographers at Nancy Walker Equestrian in Wetherby, Nancy decided she loved having us so much that she has now joined me as a workshop partner specialising in classical dressage.

Next was a series of themed workshops in Leicestershire with Iberian greys Tulio and Tio Capri, which started with King Arthur, then journeyed into Fairyland with A Midsummer Night's Dream, then an elegant sidestep to Celebration of Summer and to close, two epic fur and fire Game of Thrones inspired shoots, breaking out the smoke bombs and full on special effects prosthetic make up!


Would you like to shoot with us in 2020? All new dates are released on my mailing list, so please sign up if you would like to be part of the action


If you are interested in becoming one of my workshop partners and hosting a photography day, please drop me a line and I can talk you through what facilities you would need and what sort of activities you could expect.

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