In Memoriam

Rather than dwell in sadness, this quiet page is to celebrate the lives of some very special horses, in fact, great horses.... They were so treasured by their owners and have left a lasting memory not only for their bereaved families, but also for me. Thank you for inviting me to capture memories for you to hold tight to your heart.

Caicai Das Arcas


Beautiful and affectionate cremello Lusitano stallion, one of my favourite muses from Pen Llyn Lusitano Stud.

Askwith Classy Lady (Katie)

1995 - 2019 Big and beautiful bay mare.

"A few of the beautiful memories from a beautiful day. Little did I realise they'd also be memories of the last time I rode my gorgeous girl. From the minute the box pulled into the field Katie was like a 5 year old again, a great reminder of just how much attitude she had. How I wish we could relive them days over again, 19 fantastic and frustrating years together"

Hermits Chico

2008 - 2018 Beautiful piebald cob gelding

"It's taken me awhile to get comfortable enough to look at these amazing pictures Jane Lazenby has taken of me and our gorgeous boy. I'm still not really ready as I have been crying my eyes out looking through them all tonight. I still miss him each and every day but at least I have these treasured pictures as well as my memories to help me heal. I miss his furry cheeky snuggles."

La Ourasi (Razi)

1997 - 2018 Black Arabian gelding


1992 - 2017 My own big ginger ninja.

"I'm so grateful that I have images I took of her at one hour old through to her 26th year, such a journey where she was my rock, my confidante, my partner in crime and my best friend. I've images of my daughter as a toddler feeding her and sitting on her back being 'babysat' while I cleaned her stable. A horse in a million, and the main reason I so totally get that they are family. I'm still heart broken, between you and me, I will always be heartbroken, but I'm a better person for sharing my life with her."

"Somewhere, somewhere

In time's own space,

There must be some sweet pastured place....

Where creeks sing on and tall trees grow,

Some paradise where horses go.

For by the love that guides my pen,

I know great horses live again"

—Stanley Harrison