Awards and distinctions

I love challenges and goal setting. Over the last 3 years I have achieved a number of industry recognised qualifications. I started with a few competitions at my local camera club back in 2016, then after great success at this level, I moved to national and international level.

The Master Photographer Association International awards 2020

International Master Photographer Awards 2020

Delighted with gaining 8 merits, 6 finalist and one category winner! I'm delighted to share with you my winning image......



Luc Marschall / Duncan

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"Stunt rider PR is a very important part of raising their profile and demonstrating skill level to productions and events."

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FAPA AWARDS - April 2020

At the heart of Fine Art Photography Awards is the objective to explore the depth of 21st century artists’ ability to push the limits of the imagination and produce other-worldly photography, beyond the current trend and accepted standards. This desire gave birth to one of the most ambitious and comprehensive competitions on photography.

Fine Art Photography Awards is one of the largest award giving bodies for a community of artists ushering an era of new trends in the world of photography. Created in 2014, this competition is a melting pot for people where passion, interest, sense of beauty and openness to diversity in photography collide in intergalactic proportions. 

Back in January, I entered a few images into the awards and this weeked I found out that 7 of my images were selected for the Professional level winners gallery! (I'd have been pleased with 1 or 2, but 7! ) I had to break into the hidden stash of covid 19 lockdown chocolate to celebrate! All 7 images are showcased below...

April 2020 - DPAGB

The next big step up, 15 individual images all to be of a standard that would gain awards and acceptances at national and international level. This is what I am doing the final touches to as we speak. Each image needs to score over 20 points and my end total to be over 300. I will let you know how I get on!


October 2019 - LMPA

20 images to represent the best of my equine fine art went in front of industry professionals at The Master Photographer Association. Happy to report they loved my style and I was awarded a Licentiate certification to become a qualified Master Photographer.

November 2018 - CPAGB

A different type of challenge - 10 individual images presented to a panel of recognised judges. I needed to score above 200 marks collectively to gain the Credit distinction with the Photographic Association of Great Britain. I gained a score of 248, the second highest of the day! I instantly started to plan my next goal...

March 2017 - LRPS

I gained my Licentiate with the Royal Photographic Society in 2017, my first attempt at presenting a panel of 10 images to a selection of professionals. It was a pretty exciting experience! I found the exhilaration of this first big step on the ladder gave me a hunger to push the quality of my work even more.

I find it so rewarding to look back to this panel of images, this was pretty much my start point of collating my first body of work for professional assessment. So much has happened since, I can also see how much my vision has grown hand in hand with the increased quality of my imagery.